Conference Room Facilites

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Would you like to free your staff from the extra work associated with hosting proceedings at your office or finding a convenient location for a deposition out of town or out of state? Let us handle the logistics for you. Freedom Conference Rooms or conference rooms of our affiliates are the most efficient places to hold your proceedings.

Our Conference Rooms provide a comfortable place in a convenient location with all the amenities you would expect of your own office.

We have videoconferencing or webcasting capabilities in most of our locations. If you are scheduling an out-of-state proceeding, we will work with our contacts in those locations to schedule a conference room that fits your needs. Schedule now by emailing or by calling (205) 397-2397 or (877) 373-3660.

Now you can take your depositions in the comfort of our conference suite, located in downtown Mobile, near the circuit and federal courthouses. We offer two conference rooms for your convenience.

Don't want to drive? Take your Mobile deposition using our state-of-the-art Freedom Network videoconference system. Just schedule the Freedom Court Reporting conference room location closest to your city and we'll conference between sites for your convenience.

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